Be161241 STEM Box 3in1 Combo



Are you looking for an engaging & educational fun toy for your child? Well your search ends here. đŸ™‚Â Presenting Be Cre8v STEM BOX, a 3 in 1 combo thats filled with super fun & creative activities & loads of engagement. The box contains three standalone projects with no parts commonly used among the projects. The child will play with all three of them with no dependence.

  • Fun making circuits for kids. Get started with a very simple circuit and learn to make more!
  • STEM box is a 3 in 1 combo with three solid & fun projects with hours of engagement for your child
  • This product connects STEM through a creative design & play based approach. The instructions are child friendly with colors & annotations to make it easily understandable.
  • Perfect STEM based DIY kit for kids over 7 years. Tested through various kids, approved by many parents



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